Coleman's Call

Monday, September 19, 2016

Northcote to benefit from 1200 new warmer, drier and healthier homes

Northcote is set to benefit from a major redevelopment of existing Housing New Zealand homes.

Northcote is a great suburb and the changes will really enhance the existing area and improve the quality of life for Housing New Zealand tenants, while providing a greatly increased stock of affordable houses for private owners.

The $750 million project will transform 300 properties into around 1200 warmer, drier and healthier homes with a better mix of size and type.

The number of HNZ homes will increase from 300 to 400 and a further 600 to 800 properties will be sold as a mix of affordable and market housing.

This is a significant large-scale development which will integrate well with work to revitalise the Northcote town centre. The development will also help to further boost Auckland’s housing supply.

The first stage, which is already underway, will replace 20 old HNZ homes with 59 new social housing homes.

The second stage of the five-year project will begin next year and will provide around 200 new homes. Thirty-eight HNZ homes will make way for 60 new social housing units and about 140 new homes for market supply, with an emphasis on affordability.

The first homes will be completed in June 2017 and the entire redevelopment is expected to be completed by 2021.

The development is being delivered by the Hobsonville Land Company. 

 Kind regards

Jonathan Coleman
MP for Northcote