Thu 15 Dec 2016
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Well folks what a year it’s been – Brexit, Trump, earthquakes including a massive local political earthquake with John Key’s sudden unexpected resignation after eight years as PM and 10 years as leader of the National Party.  I’ve got to know John well over those years and have the highest respect for him.  That

Fri 25 Nov 2016
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It’s been an extremely busy couple of weeks for the Government as we deal with the aftermath of the earthquake that occurred in the early hours of 15 November.

Mon 19 Sep 2016
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Northcote to benefit from 1200 new warmer, drier and healthier homes

Northcote is set to benefit from a major redevelopment of existing Housing New Zealand homes.

Fri 20 May 2016
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Five months in to the year and the weather has still been feeling pretty mild. Just as it’s changing this week, so will the political tempo, with the reading of the 2016 Budget in Parliament next Thursday.

Fri 26 Feb 2016
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The Parliamentary year is back in full swing and politics is back in the news.  The economy continues to grow, unemployment has dropped to 5.3% and is forecast to continue in a downward direction, with New Zealand having the third highest employment rate in the OECD.  Meanwhile there have been 175,000 new jobs created over the last thr

Thu 5 Nov 2015
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What a week to be a Kiwi!  The intensity and passion of the whole nation overflowed with the All Black’s triumph in a magnificent final that the whole country thoroughly deserved.