Hon Dr Jonathan Coleman

MP for Northcote

In the National-led Government, Northcote MP Dr Jonathan Coleman is Minister of Health, and Minister for Sport and Recreation.

Health Minister Jonathan Coleman has today acknowledged people with diabetes who are successfully managing the condition to live full and active lives.
Opening It’s great to be here with you all today. I’m pleased to see a diverse group of leaders from across the sector, as well as the social sector. We have DHB Chairs, board members, CEs, clinicians and management. I also want to acknowledge our non-DHB Crown Entity leaders. Our NGO and PHO sector are also well represented.
Health Minister Jonathan Coleman says the latest health target results show DHBs have made good progress on the new raising healthy kids target, up 23 per cent on the previous quarter.
Health Minister Jonathan Coleman says Canterbury clinicians have achieved one million electronic referrals – ensuring patients receive more timely care. The South Island’s Electronic Request Management System enables general practice teams to submit requests for specialist advice direct to a secure database of over 700 specialists.